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May. 10th, 2006 @ 09:58 pm (no subject)
So, here we go. For you SotA HLers, I'm preparing my material to cram during my allnighter tonight and thought I would share what I've found going over the past exams.

Most Popular Questions
Articles of Confederation vs Constitution (on almost every exam!)
Slavery as a cause of the Civil War
Arguments for Slavery vs Arguments against Slavery
Great Depresion: Cause, impact, and effects of government trying to fix it
Mexican Revolution (on almost every exam!)
Organization of American States (OAS)

Questions Showing Up Frequently
Truman's policies vs Eisenhower's policies towards the Cold War
Comparing ideas of: Booker T Washington, Dubois, MLK JR
Cuban Missile Crisis
Causes of the Civil War

Good luck.
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