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May. 20th, 2006 @ 10:07 pm Diploma Conditions
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Diploma conditions

In order to be awarded the full IB Diploma the following requirements must have been met:

  • at least three subjects are completed at Higher Level (HL) and three at Standard Level (SL).
    • should four subjects be completed at HL then only two need be completed at SL.
  • all six subjects have been awarded a numerical grade higher than 1, with a minimum total score of 24.
  • the CAS (Creativity - Action - Service; community service) requirement of 150 hours has been completed
  • the Extended Essay and TOK course have been completed and essays submitted.
    • additionally a grade D or better has been awarded in either the Extended Essay or TOK.
  • if the overall score is 24-27, there is no grade 2 at HL and notmore than one grade 2 at SL; if the overall score is greater than orequal to 28, not more than one grade 2 at HL and no more than twogrades 2 at SL; altogether, there are no more than three grades 3 orbelow
  • at least 12 points (12 for overall score 24-27; 16/14 if four HLsubjects are taken) have been gained on HL subjects, and 9/8 (6/5 ifonly two SL subjects are taken) on SL subjects
  • the final award committee has not judged the candidate to be guilty of malpractice
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